PHL's Engineering Centre: Elevating Excellence

Experience engineering excellence at its finest, where innovation and precision converge, only at PHL’s Engineering and Knowledge Centre.

Operational Excellence

At the core of PHL's Equipment Division lies our state-of-the-art Engineering and Knowledge Centre, operational 24X7, spanning five acres in Panvel.

Peak Performance Assurance

To ensure uninterrupted peak performance of our equipment, our Engineering Centre follows stringent protocols akin to an aircraft hangar. Our technical team meticulously schedules periodic preventive maintenance checks.

Comprehensive Facilities

Our Engineering Centre houses a suite of in-house facilities, including a Machine Shop, Engine Shop, Test Bench, Body Shop, Training Centre, Maintenance Bay, and a well-stocked inventory of spares and tools.

Operator Excellence

PHL invests in its operators and drivers by conducting regular security and health assessments. Additionally, our comprehensive training programs ensure hassle-free operations.

Equipment for Sale